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DO: Helping New Moms Find Success with Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Relationship Today, I'm gonna talk to you about a couple of things that getting moms to find helpful, to find success with breastfeeding. There...

ASK: What can I do if I have an oversupply of milk (or engorgement)?

Recommendations For When Engorged An over supply is pretty common in the beginning. The first few days or weeks after giving birth, because it's like,...

ASK: My baby is getting frustrated with baby-led breastfeeding. What can I do?

Guide Baby Through his/her Frustration In that scenario, you know, if baby's starting to get frustrated and isn't finding the nipple, I mean, that's not...

ASK: Can pumping increase or decrease my milk supply?

Medications Can Help With Milk Supply   Pumping can increase or decrease milk supply can actually do both for if you're having a supply issue and...

ASK: How can I obtain a hospital grade breast pump?

Hospital Grade Breast Pump WIC & Care Providers Talking to their care provider. Even while they're instilled in the hospital and people on staff there...