Travel in Pregnancy

“Travel in the pregnancy can be fun and exciting, but there are some precautions that you do need to take. Travel up until about the 36th week of pregnancy is totally fine. You are at a higher risk for blood clots when you’re pregnant, so it’s important to take lots of breaks.”

“So if you’re traveling by car, I recommend stopping every one to two hours, getting up out of your seats, taking a little walk, and drinking lots of fluid. Plane travel also has its precautions. The pressurized cabins and airplanes and airports tend to be very drying, so it’s very easy to get dehydrated when you’re flying. I always tell patients to just bring a big water bottle and fill it up past security so that you have plenty of water to drink. Compression socks while you’re traveling can also be helpful in pulling back some of that extra fluid that can accumulate around your feet and your ankles.”

Travel After 36 Weeks

“When you are sitting for long periods past 36 weeks though, we start to get a little nervous that you may start to show some signs of labor. And so most airlines will not allow you to travel beyond 36 weeks by plane. You will want to stay within one to two hours of your home if you’re traveling by car in the event that anything does start to change and you do go into labor. It’s best to try and stay with your provider at the hospital or birth center that you’re planning to deliver so that you get the best cohesive care that you are hoping for. So, up to 36 weeks, go have fun. Just take extra precautions to stay hydrated and keep moving.”