C-Section Persuasion

(Transcript) The mother is vulnerable. She can come in their birth photog, birth Doula, obstetrician, midwife, family history when she is in that Labor land when She’s in that. She’s vulnerable, no matter how armed you are, educated as to why she is vulnerable and the people around her and that’s what the trust is in. The people around her birth parent is a life, you know, I guess you know, so she’s vulnerable no matter how armed you are, no matter what you know about birth because the words and the attitude and the projection could be very, very intimidating which silences you because you want to take care of this and you end up with is this cesarean so it’s not so much them to common misconceptions and all that. I can.

I can give a list of 10 reasons why you should and should refuse this shift. Cesarean, or should have one. The provider can twist all of that around and you’ll have one, period, and I see that at least two or three times a week. I’ve had some very well, highly astute, incredibly powerful women in here admitting that they were vulnerable. It was taking advantage of disempowered a year of depression and they come into this space because we’re not trying to play that game. She shouldn’t come in there and have the head of the PhD and birth to feel that it was a healthy process. Mothers are not opposed to this to cesarean section and I always say there are three legs to the stool.

We expect a healthy mom. We expect the healthy babies 2017 with tested and not be healthy as the process. So no matter what you’re on with, if the process is not healthy, you are dis-empowered. So there’s nothing, there’s no list even and that provider can. They look at themselves in the mirror in the morning when they know they’ve done something that was less than ideal. Anybody get up every morning and feel fine about it. So it’s. So it’s not the things that are most commonly done to answer that part is, is really the people around you.

And I say this, that by meeting me, I know this is more than two minutes, but I say this like every month we could have a baby at the subway station. We can have a baby at the subway station breach by the way, because there’s a trusting relationship, there’s some science. I got a little bit of skill in that we can have a baby at the subway station, and that’s what I see a lot.