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Pain Management

Some women choose to have pain management medically and others naturally. It is important to know the risks and benefits of all kinds of pain management.

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ASK: What are the different kinds of anesthesia?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER There are several different kinds of anesthesia. The most common kind is general anesthesia during which patients should expect to be completely...
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What is anesthesia?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER Anesthesia is a form of medical care that was developed to allow patients to have surgical procedures. No one really knows exactly...
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ASK: How is sedation used during labor?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER The use of sedation and Labor has really gained in popularity recently where we are now finding that more and more facilities...
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ASK: What are common side effects of epidurals used during labor?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER Side effects with Labor analgesia will vary based upon the technique that is used. The most common technique is labor epidurals, the...
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ASK: What is spinal anesthesia and when is it used during labor and delivery?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER Spinal anesthesia is used in the labor and delivery unit, most commonly for a cesarean section. The shortcoming of spinal anesthesia is...
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ASK: How can I best practice breathing through contractions?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER In our society, when, if I were to tell you to take a big deep sigh or a big deep breath, you...
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ASK: Why would I use visualization to help me with handling my contractions?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER A reason why someone would want visualization techniques during their contraction is because it can be quite intense and if we focus...