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I think every woman should be offered a bath in labor. It’s a warm bath, a bath that covers her abdomen. Being in the water, allows her to have complete freedom of movement. Now, when the time comes for the baby to emerge, if everything has gone well with the labor for both the mother and baby, there is absolutely no reason to make her get out. In other words, she can stay and do the second stage of the expulsion phase of labor right there in the water. The research shows us today that water for labor and birth is easier for the mother. It’s helpful. It makes her relax more and it’s actually better for babies. I can back that up with so much research that is available and conclusive, and we see it over and over and over that the babies that come through the water are welcomed right there in what I call the sanctuary. And the mother often lifts the baby up herself and puts it right onto her chest. So it’s a comfort measure in labor, and it can also be a birth method that is safe, easy, and can be done in any hospital, any birth center and any home.