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When you "DO" Birthpedia, you are empowering yourself to improve your body, mind and soul for birth and baby. Whether it is taking a prenatal yoga class on the beach or learning the latest trends in what to eat while pregnant, our contributors guide you towards a better you.


DO: Prenatal & Postpartum Pilates

Prenatal & Postpartum Pilates Hi, I'm Dr. Vurnett. I am a movement and cognitions specialist, extensive background in kinesiology. So the study of...
Do How to Change a Newborns Diaper 900pxvideo

DO: How to Change a Newborns Diaper?

Change a Newborns Diaper: Things to Consider "Hi, my name is Amber. I'm a...

ASK: How can herbs help me during pregnancy and postpartum?

Remedies can be used in your pregnancy as the way that vitamins are used to your pregnancy. So when you were taking your daily...

DO: Postpartum Fitness: Introduction

Postpartum Fitness: Introduction "Hi, this is Sarah Palfrey with moms to be fit exclusively working with birthpedia today. We are about to do a postpartum...

DO: Postpartum Fitness- Core Rehab

  Thank you ladies for joining us. I am here with two, tutu new mama and we're getting ready to do some postpartum core rehab...

DO: Postpartum Fitness, “The Warm Up”

All right. Welcome back. We are getting ready to warm up and start our postpartum workouts. This is designed that it will only take...

DO: Postpartum Fitness- Workout Pt. 1

We are just about ready to do our postpartum interval workout today. So we're going to kind of go through these moves back to...