Prepare for Labor

“One of the best ways to prepare for your labor and the delivery is making sure that you’re low risk even before you get pregnant. Then, once you get pregnant, make sure that you are not doing things, no drinking, no smoking, especially to the extent that it might be causing harm to you or your baby. You can make a decision on your own, but your baby doesn’t have a choice. So you do want to live a lifestyle that’s conducive for women being low risk.

Do those things that will make yourself low-risk and then have a provider that answers all of your questions and addresses all of your concerns. Because a lot of what happens is that people have questions about what’s going on and they don’t quite understand. And so if you know what’s going on, what to expect, then you’ll be at more emotional ease. Then, when you’re at emotional ease, your body will be at ease and your body will allow for what it needs to do. Also, make sure that you have somebody who is supportive during the labor process so that you be focused on what you need to do, and that can help you keep relaxing which you need to do.”

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Maria Milton is a licensed midwife from Flowersview, Florida, and a strong advocate of midwives and natural childbirth. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology/Pre-Med from Florida A & M University in Tallahassee, Florida. Maria is the daughter and past colleague of (the late) midwife, Gladys Milton. She currently owns/operates Milton Memorial Birthing Center in Flowersview—a facility founded by her mother in 1976.