ANSWER: “Okay, so your support person can help you best by putting the phone down, put it away, do not look at the phone, especially once you are at the place that you’re going to deliver your baby. This is the point where your support person gets to enter into a sacred space and because they’re invited into that space, they need to be the protectors of that space. And so sometimes that means getting the mom a glass of water even before she asks. Sometimes that means her constant presence. Sometimes that means an affirming word. It kind of depends on her love language and what fills her up the best. But it’s really important for the support person to not leave the side of the mom. She needs you there. She needs your protection around that space and it is sacred. So you holding that space for her is the most important thing. And a phone will definitely gravitate you to another place and that birth and it distracts the Mom. And it can often interrupt her wonderful pattern of labor.”