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Newborn Care

The first hour of a child's life is very important to establish a connection with their parents and build up their immunity through the microbiom. This section covers the first 3 months of life.


ASK: Will I be able to go with my baby into the NICU?

Typically moms are required to stay in labor and delivery for a short period of time afterwards. And the reason for that is to...

ASK: What are care rounds in the NICU?

Was there a wonderful opportunity for the family to be present at the bedside and be an active part of what's going on that...

ASK: Can I feed my baby breastmilk in the NICU?

Your baby breast milk in the NICU breast milk is one of the best choices that we can offer to our little ones. Sometimes...

ASK: What is the best way to communicate with the NICU staff?

The best way to approach the NICU staff, the NICU team, the physicians is really to bring them together. One of the things that...