How does tongue and lip ties affect breastfeeding?

The most common things that happens with breastfeeding and the inability for the child to latch on usually one or two or three or however many freedoms that are tethered, the mother will not be able to have a good latch. The baby will just kind of nod at the mother. The baby will kind of slide off the breast. The baby will kind of pinch the mother. So there’s pain involved from the mother’s side on successful latching for the baby’s side, because a correct latch should be a very gentle suction around the nibble with the tongue massaging, the nipple that lets the breast, you know, let the milk come down when any one or all of the tethered oral tissue interfere in that correct latch. It will cause a painful latch, incorrect transference, incomplete transference of milk, and leading to a lot of problems just from not being able to breastfeed.