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Questions About Pregnancyvideo

SHARE: Why do you work as a nurse midwife at a birth center?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER When I was a new graduate nurse, I was very involved in the intensive care of childbirth and was very excited about...
Birth Support and Advicesvideo

SHARE: Being 43 weeks pregnant is still a woman’s choice

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER She is 43 weeks in three days. She wants to be induced about four weeks, 39 weeks.  Here we are now Forty-three...
Birth Support and Advicesvideo

SHARE: Why are you a birthworker? by Carrie Keane, CNM

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER So the question is why did I start work as a birth worker, as a midwife? And it's very hard for me...
Birth Support and Advicesvideo

SHARE: My Birth Story-Too Small to VBAC

VBAC Birth Stories ANSWER: "My husband and I were very young and I had grown up in a small rural town and the same physician...
Birth Support and Advicesvideo

SHARE: Why do you do what you do?

WHY I AM A LABOR & DELIVERY NURSE  ANSWER "I do what I do because I love what I do. I was influenced by my...
professional Pregnancy Suggestionsvideo

SHARE: Twin breech water birth at home

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER We just had a mom this last fall who went 40 point five weeks, 40 weeks and five days with twins and...