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Pregnancy Health Question And Answersvideo

ASK: Do I need an induction if I have low amniotic fluid?

TRANSCRIPT TO ANSWER Yeah, I mean I'll tell you what amniotic fluid looks like. It looks like it's a fluid situation, meaning that sometimes it's high,...
Birth Support and Advicesvideo

SHARE: Being 43 weeks pregnant is still a women’s choice

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER She is 43 weeks in three days. She wants to be induced about four weeks, 39 weeks.  Here we are now Forty-three...
Birth Support and Advicesvideo

ASK: What is Cervidil how is it used in induction?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER CERVIDIL is a cervical ripening agent for what many people use for an induction or a preinduction. This primes the cervix. This...
Birth Support and Advicesvideo

ASK: What happens in my induction process after getting Cervidil or Cytotec?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER So what you should expect after cervical ripening agent, Say, you've done the 12 hours of Cervidil, or you've done three or...
Birth Support and Advicesvideo

ASK: What are some reasons why I would be induced?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER The reasons for your induction are definitely going to be provider based, sometimes in, sometimes providers want to induce you to because...

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