CERVIDIL is a cervical ripening agent for what many people use for an induction or a preinduction. This primes the cervix. This helps to sustain the cervix out and get it ready for Labor. So cervidil is kind of like a flat tampon that has a string attached, so it’s inserted back behind the cervix. It stays in for 12 hours. The releases, the prostoglandins is what it is to stand out that cervix in the event that say the baby’s not tolerating the labor, we can pull that string and then the medication stops working and you stop contracting as often. So that is the benefit of the cervidil because you can remove it at any time. If your providers planning the induction for your Labor, please, please do talk to them about cervidil. The risks and benefits with Cervidil, what they prefer to use. Sometimes they like to use cervidil, sometimes they like to use what we call site attack. It takes a little bit of time, but the cervidil basically ceases in the body once you remove it. So you might still contract, but maybe not as often. It is an induction agent. I will say that, but what we like to call them as cervical ripening agents so that your body gets ready for Labor so your uterus needs a rest period between contractions, so sometimes cervical ripening agents can produce too many contractions are what we call tacky systally, so we don’t want any more than five contractions in a 10 minute period, so if you’re in having consistent regular contractions with the cervical ripening agent, that is good. We just don’t want more than that. The downside of induction is it can take more time. I’m allowing your body just to go into active labor. Usually, your labor is much shorter when you’re starting from my very, what we call from scratch, or you’re not dilated at all. When you’re starting from an induction, it’s usually much longer and much more painful for you. Your provider will definitely recommend when they feel like you should be induced. However, it is always up to you if you wanted induction, if you can definitely refuse an induction. If you do not feel like it is time for you to be induced.