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Hospital Care

Learn the ins and outs of how hospitals handle maternity care. From epidurals to delivery rooms to NICUs.

Questions About Pregnancyvideo

ASK: What could my body experience while going through a labor induction?

Essential Info: Labor Induction  ANSWER "Many things occur with moms prior to going into labor. There is a physiological changing of your body. There's a...
Questions About Pregnancyvideo

ASK: What is some essential info I need to know about inductions?

Essential Info: Labor Inductions ANSWER "An induction Is probably one of the most common interventions done in a hospital setting. There's various reasons that may...
Pregnancy Tipsvideo

ASK: What are the most important factors I should consider if I want to...

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER There are a number of things to think about if you want to avoid a cesarean section. I think one of the...
Pregnancy Tipsvideo

ASK: What is a baby friendly hospital?

Baby Friendly Hospital ANSWER:"Baby-friendly hospitals are a specific designation that's given to a number of hospitals around the country for hospitals that are not "baby...

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