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Waterbirth has been accepted in over 102 countries around the world and all over Europe waterbirth is available in every house. The spittle, the U S and Mexico, Canada. It is spreading little by little by little I’ve personally helped install bathtubs and put up portable pools in many hospitals in, uh, states in the us. Yes, if you’re local, well, hospital is not offering water birth, or has rules against it. You can contact waterbirth international. You can call me up on the phone and you can right now [email protected], a sheet that says, this is what you need to do to, um, approach your hospital and ask them to be able to use the tub. We have many, many women. Who’ve had success stories of taking their tubs into a hospital, setting them up, but you need three ingredients. The first ingredient is you. You need to want it.

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You need to ask for it. And the person you ask is not your doctor, but the nurse manager at the hospital, you go directly to the nurse manager. You say, this is my desire. This is what I’d like, how can you help me achieve that? There are patient advocates in hospitals, and you have a conversation with them. Then you talk to your doctor. And, uh, if that doctor doesn’t believe in it or doesn’t want it, you go find another doctor. You find a midwife, um, that practices at that hospital, you have the choice of which hospital in which doctor or which midwife to go to. So if one, doesn’t give you the answer that you want. Go ahead and investigate another one. If you’re in a small community that only has one hospital and one doctor, um, consider interviewing midwives for a home birth or going to a freestanding birth center in my book, gentle birth choices. That’s exactly what we talk about is you being the creator of your birth plan and how to make that happen.