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Barbara Harper- RN

Common Pregnancy Questions
Barbara Harper is a leading voice for childbirth and maternity care reform, an author, educator, midwife and internationally recognized expert on the use of warm water immersion for labor and birth. Barbara’s professional inspiration began with a close and loving relationship with her grandmother, Estella Ethel Harper Lemunyon, who was a nurse and midwife for 47 years. Barbara became a registered nurse in 1975 and has worked in obstetrics, pediatrics, cardiac, neurosurgical intensive care and as a holistic nursing specialist.

Keeping Waterbirth Safe During COVID-19 by Barbara Harper of Waterbirth.org

Hello everyone who has watched Barbara's video on March 29, 2020 about COVID-19 and waterbirth.  You can see her blog post on it here.  All...

ASK: My partner does not want to have a water birth. What can I...

Speaker 1: (00:05) Women often call me and say, I'd like a water birth. And I tell them, what does your partner think? I asked...

ASK: Is having a water birth at my local hospital possible?

Speaker 1: (00:05) Waterbirth has been accepted in over 102 countries around the world and all over Europe waterbirth is available in every house. The...

ASK: How long should my baby stay under water during a water birth?

Speaker 1: (00:05) As soon as your baby comes out into the water, someone will assist you or your partner to lift the baby up....

ASK: Could my baby drown in the water during a water birth?

Speaker 1: (00:05) Babies grow in fluid. It's called amniotic fluid and the baby actually makes that fluid in its own body. And just imagine...