My Doctor Wants To Induce Me, What Should I Do?

Transcript: “A question like that probably has multiple layers to it all, but it actually depends on trust and if you’ve had a relationship with your provider, whereas been touch and go a little bit or things were kind of changing as you get towards your due date, the trust factors will guide your ability to say yes, let’s do an induction or not. So I try to start with “are you and your provider in alignment?” and there are certain things that I have what is called the provider App, but it’s actually just 10 questions, in which the provider needs to score 100 points to make sure that you are in alignment with the philosophy that thought the science, the background of that provider and that the provider from a group, there’s the whole group.

If that’s the case. If there’s trust there, then typically the reasons for an induction has been explained and there is an ability of the mother to surrender to it. And I keep mentioning that part of surrendering to it or this unmeasurable comfort with the the the place that you are at that moment, even though you may have had a vision about where you want it to be, but the ability to surrender and to tap into this is unmeasurable. A force that’s going on is important for an induction to take place, but there must be trust with the provider. There must be this alignment is what I call it.”