The reasons for your induction are definitely going to be provider based, sometimes in, sometimes providers want to induce you to because your past your due date. Sometimes providers want to induce you because your blood pressure’s a little more than they like or if it’s trended up a little bit, they want to induce you because you have what we call gestational hypertension. Some providers want to induce you because you have gestational diabetes and you’re getting near your due date. Maybe your baby is getting a little bigger than normal size for your gestational age. Other reasons or maybe you have an abnormality with your baby as and that’s the reason what they would like to induce you, whether it be a cardiac problem or a kidney problem with baby or cardiac, meaning heart problem with baby. Say you have a favorable cervix. Sometimes you’re beyond 39 weeks and you have your two centimeters. They just want to bring in the hospital because you have a favorable cervix. Maybe your one or two centimeters already dilated and they feel like you’re going to be more effective with your labor. The downside of induction is it can take more time. Allowing your body just to go into active labor. Usually, your labor is shorter when you’re starting from my very, what we call from scratch, or you’re not dilated at all. When you’re starting from an induction, it’s usually much longer and much more painful for you. Your provider will definitely recommend when they feel like you should be induced. However, it is always up to you if you want an induction, You can definitely refuse an induction. If you do not feel like it is time for you to be induced, you can certainly refuse an induction and wait for active Labor to occur.