Function of the Uterus

“The actual uterus is amazing because the muscle fibers go horizontal, and they actually go lengthwise too. So when they contract they are pushing down the fundus on the top of the uterus. It’s pushing down on that baby and it’s actually also pulling up on the cervix. So you have this feeling inside of your body. So the muscle fibers that actually go side to side, have an intent and purpose to them as well.”

“But actually, those muscle fibers can be integrated when there is fear in the mom’s body, adrenaline can cause those muscle fibers to contract. So typically a mom will have regular contractions and if her cervix is tightening at the bottom part of it, then she’s not opening. But she is feeling the intensity of the pressure and that’s when we have people who get that stuck, right? So, failure to progress can sometimes be a reason for the contraction pattern to feel like it’s efficient but not really opening the cervix yet. So we really want both of those muscles to work to just different opportunities.”