So what you should expect after cervical ripening agent, Say, you’ve done the 12 hours of Cervidil, or you’ve done three or four tablets of cytotec, what you should expect from your provider is giving you a rest period, maybe have an hour or two from that cervical ripening agent, and possibly starting what we call Potosin. And through your IV, pitocin is a manmade hormone that your body actually, your body produces its own oxytocin, which is the generic form of what we call pitocin. So pitocin is given through your iv, and we increase that dose until you have regular contractions and it should put you in active labor or too much or too strong of contractions. The good thing with pitocin is that the nurse can titrate your, your pitocin less or more. So if you are contracting too much, then we can back off of the pitocin. Or if you’re not contracting enough, then we can increase the pitocin. The downside of induction is it can take more time. Allowing your body just to go into active labor. Usually, your labor is much shorter. When you’re starting from a very, what we call from scratch or you’re not dilated at all, when you’re starting from an induction, it’s usually much longer and much more painful for you. Your provider will definitely recommend when they feel like you should be induced. However, it is always up to you if you wanted induction. you can definitely refuse and induction. If you do not feel like it is time for you to be induced.