She is 43 weeks in three days. She wants to be induced about four weeks, 39 weeks.  Here we are now Forty-three weeks. Membranes have ruptured about seven days. She got to the point where we brought an induction at 42 because the fluid was over three days. We use a foley bulb to try to do some mechanical dilation, so over a three day period of fluid stayed low. We try to proceed with the induction because of foley bulb got her to three to four sonometers and she couldn’t go into labor and we say, well we have to recommend that you’re over 47 weeks and the fluid is low surgical birth because we can’t induce, I rather not do that. I’d rather be discharged. We sent her home. Please increase the fluid. Fetal care counts, wellbeing. She came back the next day. Ruptured membranes. Okay. Maybe that’ll be what’ll happen. You go into labor. She did not go into labor. She was this little bad. She wanted to come in to be checked because now in her mind, of course, She’s 42 and a half weeks, whatever, and then we said, okay, now your ruptured membranes with fluids and we know you’re now 43 weeks at that point. So we had recommend a surgical birth to her because we can induce you Pitocin. She didn’t want it. I can’t just sit here and watch it here in the hospital. So she said, no thank you. I don’t want to do that. So she’s discharged. So she’s still walking around now. Maybe 43 and four, I think your dates off, to be honest, but all is to say that she’s had to induction processes and now has ruptured membranes, about five days. But she is aware of the risk. Her spouse is, her family is very much aware of the processes, but this baby’s moving and jumping all over the place. I said, wonderful. That’s what we want. And she has taken ownership of it and she has a team of people that are witnessing it, but not trying to beat her over the head with those very strong words that a mother would typically here long before 42 weeks about demise. She hears this risk of complications, is a risk of mortality in this scenario, but we’re not making her feel as if you’re putting your baby’s life at risk, but you understand low amniotic fluid, ruptured membranes. We tried to do a couple of inductions that have not worked. Your body’s ready for this. So that’s the story of how some things can unfold around here.