We just had a mom this last fall who went 40 point five weeks, 40 weeks and five days with twins and of course she was told by so many sources, doctors, midwives, everyone that and she was with a hospital midwife practice and she decided to have a home birth and sought me out for her home birth and she had a beautiful. She went into labor on her own and had a beautiful home water birth and her first baby she pushed and reached down and lifted her own baby up and she held the baby and then she pushed and then a breech baby came out and both of them were born in the call in their sacks and both babies, their cords were still connected. We put their placentas in a bowl. It was a boy and a girl baby. And so they both had their own placentas and she held both of her babies in, was never separated from her twins. She had her delayed cord clamping to the Placentas, came out, she had her water birth and she got to birth her babies the way she wanted to birth them. And lift those babies right up out of the water. It was really, really powerful because there was no induction, there was no fear and she did it the way she wanted to do it. And afterward those babies stayed right with her and we weighed them and we did newborn exams and they never left her side. And breastfeeding was so vigorous and beautiful and normal and natural because those babies were allowed to come into the world when they were ready to come into the world. Not at 37 weeks. They were well prepared. They came out hungry and wanting to breastfeed. So no issues with that birth at all. And it was just so empowering for mom to be able to do that because where and when do you hear of a twin mom having vaginal twins with a breach in water, like water, birth twins. And where are you going to hear about them not clamping and cutting the cord as those babies are coming out? Like not, not, you’re not. It’s not common. So that was a very courageous birth and me, I really enjoyed, you know, supporting that mother in that because I didn’t inflict fear on her, you know, and to allow the space with encouragement and confidence and not project fear onto a woman is the most perfect way to support a woman to give birth. You know, looking at a woman as a complication waiting to happen is not what we need today. We need support of women making sure that her and the fetal well being are the most important, but to support her spirit with confidence and you know, do not project fear and to allow her to give birth the way she wants to give birth is where it’s at. Then you’re going to have happy mom’s happy babies.