What are lip and tongue ties and what can be done about them?

A leg or a tongue tie is when someone has a tethered oral tissue. We all have freedoms. A lot of times people mistake a freedom and a tethered oral tissue, but a tethered oral tissue is when the freedom is too tight or too short and restricts the natural movement off the muscle. And we all have seven freedoms each. So any one of those or all of those can be tight and hence the term tethered oral tissue, and they affect the natural movement and function of the mouth, the lips and the tongue. First of all, really, really, really critical to identify it. Once it’s identified, then a very simple laser procedure. I do it all the time. We do it on little babies, fresh newborns, older kids. You never too old to have it done, but the younger, the better, because the muscle has memory and the sooner you can put things back into their normal, natural balance state, everything grows and flows.