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The first hour of a child's life is very important to establish a connection with their parents and build up their immunity through the microbiom. This section covers the first 3 months of life.

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ASK: What is babywearing?

History of Babywearing ANSWER: "Babywearing is the practice of using fabric or material or a designed carrier to essentially attach a child to your body,...
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ASK: What is the infant microbiome? Why should i care?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER The infant microbiome is a really exciting new field of research, I say new, but scientist have known about it for about...
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ASK: What are benefits of breastfeeding my baby?

Breastfeeding Benefits ANSWER: "The benefits for breastfeeding have been shown in research. There's benefits for both mother and infant, and these benefits are available over...
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ASK: Is breast really best for my newborn baby?

ANSWER: "This is something that comes up a lot in this debate when these motherhood debates these days. Breastfeeding is a very personal choice...
Newborn baby Suggestionsvideo

ASK: Is my newborn baby ready for a soft structure carrier like an Ergo...

Babywearing Newborn Essential Info ANSWER "The differences in carriers are better determined by stage in development for babies. When babies are born, they have zero...
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ASK: Should I be alarmed that my baby is going into the NICU?

ANSWER:"If your baby's going into the NICU, that means your baby needs some extra care right now. That doesn't mean that something is wrong...

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