ANSWER: “That is an excellent question. Truthfully, there are a few things that pertain to babywearing among other things in child rearing that could potentially save your child’s life. A babywearing class will teach you all of these potential dangers. Also a side benefit of babywearing classes is the social aspect. W hen I do classes, I often have a really great group of expected moms that seemed to enjoy each other’s company and they become friends and I often watch them become like a little mom community together as they all have their babies around the same time and they’re all dealing with a lot of the same struggles and sometimes they’ll come back as a group and do one of my followup like older baby wearing classes once their babies are with them. And that’s really fun to see them circle back around in the history of baby wearing.

In ancient and older cultures, the practice of babywearing would be passed down from mother to child and then to child again. In our more modern culture here, granted we have a lot of accessibility through social media, but we don’t have the history of babywearing in this culture, so our grandmothers don’t know how to babywear they don’t know how to teach us, that, a babywearing educator that has been certified through an institution or an accredited body has gone into those cultures and learned about the research and has created standards and ways to pass the information down. A certified educator is going to be able to get the information across to you easy simply and plainly so that you can safely wear your baby and you can not struggle with how to do it right. Or if your baby isn’t enjoying one type of carrier, babywearing educators are going to know another type of carrier that would work very well for you. Basically we’re like a plethora of knowledge and the baby wearing world. You don’t get a parenting handbook, but we’re kind of like a babywearing handbook just right there in one place.”