One of the most common questions and concerns that we get here at Euphoric Herbals is, people are questioning about their milk supply, being sufficient, and they feel like their baby’s nursing all the time. And this is very normal that your baby is nursing all the time and it’s important to remember that your body’s going to make what your baby needs. And if your baby’s having six to eight wet diapers in a 24 hour period and your baby is not losing weight, your milk supply is fine. So before you begin using any herbal remedies to increase your milk supply, it’s important. Remember that herbal supplements and remedies have their place, but they cannot replace the guidance and support of a lactation consultant that they can provide you. So we always strongly encourage mothers to reach out to their lactation consultant in their community first before trying any herbal supplements. So that way they can dig into a deeper potential cause that may be causing him milk supply issues that herbal supplements cannot fix. But there are a couple herbal supplements and remedies that can be used to increase milk supply. One of them is fenugreek. So while fenugreek is very well known for an increase in milk supply, there also some contraindications and it only typically worked for about 60 percent of women. The other 40 percent of women will find that it either decreases our milk supply or so they see no change in milk supply at all. Another herb that is often used to refer to his goats rue. Goats rue is another that’s going to actually stimulate the mammary glands in the breast and help with milk production. Another great herb is fennel seed, and this is something that can be used. These herbs can be used in conjunction with one another or individually. We always do recommend when you’re starting to an herbal protocol for milk supply to try one herb at a time solo for several days before combining to monitor for any adverse reactions or side effects. So fennel seed is another great herb that can be used in conjunction with fenugreek. And another great herb that you might want to consider is oat straw. So, oat straw in addition though, use for pregnancy, for the nervousness, exhaustion that can come with pregnancy and it’s high in calcium and magnesium because it’s such a high vitamin and mineral content. Just putting that into our bodies and nourishing our bodies can increase your milk supply as well from the nutritions that are being depleted throughout pregnancy and birth. So in conclusion, when you are considering using any herbal galactic logs for milk supply, you want to look at the individual ingredients, possible contraindications, but before you start beginning of protocol, you always wanted to discuss it with your healthcare provider and a lactation consultant first. And just know that there are many options out there and a lot of compound formulas that you can use to increase your milk supply.