Some other Elma remedies that can be used during pregnancy in preparation for the birth, is it, there’s a great Arab that a lot of people know about red raspberry leaf. It’s often can be used throughout all stages of pregnancy throughout trimester. The general role is one cup per day per trimester. However, if you have a history of miscarriage, it’s best to wait until after the first trimester rule of thumb is to drink it about three to five times a week, you’re going to get the most benefit. So the benefits of advised Berry leaf is that is a, is considered a uterine tonic, but it does not intensify any contractions. But it can also help with high-end magnesium. It’s high in calcium. It’s very high in vitamin K in a and B. So it’s very high in mineral content. And so what this can also do for you, it’s going to build up nutrition, storehouse in your body for the pregnancy and the birth.

Since you’re building a human being, it takes a lot of energy from you and a lot of nutrients and vitamins. So this is going to help with relieving restless leg syndrome at night, it’s going to help increase your vitamin K content, preparing your body to give birth and hopefully preventing any hemorrhages. In addition to that, it’s going to help with increasing the circulation in your body. So helping with varicose veins and hemorrhoids as well, another great, or that can prepare your body. For pregnancy into birth is nettle leaf nettle leaf is very high in chlorophyll. And so this is also going to be building the iron content within your body as well. And this is really great for the, for the, for the kidneys because your blood volume doubles during pregnancy. So your kidneys have to do a lot of work to support this blood volume that is doubling. So this is gonna help strengthen your kidneys as well. It’s going to help prevent any hopefully urinary tract infections. So this is something that might be increased later during pregnancy as a couple of weeks that go closer to your impending birth. So you might be switching from a red raspberry leaf and a fusion into more of a stronger nettle infusion towards the last weeks of pregnancy.