Constipation During Pregnancy

“Constipation during pregnancy is a very common complaint. Especially towards the end and sometimes even in the beginning. Just because hormones (are) changing and things like that in the beginning and towards the end. Just the baby taking up so much room in there and the pressure that it puts on the bowels and the colon and stuff, can cause constipation.”

Treatment Options

“It’s pretty common. It’s easily treatable. Usually just drinking lots of fluids. Getting enough fiber in your diet. Getting a little exercise like a walk around the block or anything will help you. If it is something that doesn’t resolve over the course of just a couple days or so and you’re really uncomfortable or before taking any over-the-counter medications, you should consult your care provider first. It’s perfectly normal and it’s a very common complaint. So don’t be embarrassed to talk to your provider about it.”