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The first hour of a child's life is very important to establish a connection with their parents and build up their immunity through the microbiom. This section covers the first 3 months of life.

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ASK: Can I choose when my baby gets a bath at the hospital?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER Many hospitals are becoming more baby friendly, so they may delay the bath of your baby. Some hospitals, even after the first...
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ASK: What is colostrum?

Body Functions Pregnancy: Colostrum ANSWER "So colostrum is a precursor to breast milk, it usually starts developing in your body, actually around 20 weeks of...
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ASK: Is breast really best for my newborn baby?

ANSWER: "This is something that comes up a lot in this debate when these motherhood debates these days. Breastfeeding is a very personal choice...
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ASK: What is the human microbiome?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER You might have heard of the word microbiome, or you might not. You might have heard of gut bacteria. It's all the...
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ASK: What are benefits of breastfeeding my baby?

Breastfeeding Benefits ANSWER: "The benefits for breastfeeding have been shown in research. There's benefits for both mother and infant, and these benefits are available over...
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ASK: Where can i find more info on the infant microbiome?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER Right now, a lot of the science and the research that's coming out is mostly confined to academic papers and to research...
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ASK: What is babywearing?

History of Babywearing ANSWER: "Babywearing is the practice of using fabric or material or a designed carrier to essentially attach a child to your body,...

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