Recommendations For When Engorged

An over supply is pretty common in the beginning. The first few days or weeks after giving birth, because it’s like, your body thinks you just had triplets. So, but that will adjust as the baby, you know, nurses and based on the baby’s demand, your milk supply will adjust according to the baby’s needs sometimes. It’s normal to getting engorged and be really uncomfortable. And the baby doesn’t, you know, the baby’s had all at once. What I recommend for that would be just maybe a little bit of pumping just enough to relieve the pressure in the breast. If it continues to be a problem, you know, say, you’re just constantly having engagement issues. When you get in engorged you’re more prone to getting things like mastitis and blocked milk ducks. That’s when you definitely should seek the help of a lactation consultant, supply that’s continuous, can affect the baby too, because, basically what happens is the baby will get a lot more of the form milk, which is the thinner milk before the hind milk, which is the creamier milk.

Thinner Milks Importance

The thinner milk is very it’s essential for the baby as well. But when they get more of that and not much of the high end milk, they tend to be gassier and they don’t gain weight as quickly as they should. So pumping a little bit before a feeding, and then nursing, the baby can help, and also doing breast compressions while you’re nursing. The baby can help ensure that the baby gets more of the hind milk, but again, if it continues, that would definitely be a reason for a visit to the lactation consultant to help out with those issues.

Common Pregnancy Questions
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