Medications Can Help With Milk Supply


Pumping can increase or decrease milk supply can actually do both for if you’re having a supply issue and you’re feel like you don’t have enough milk, milk is produced basically on demand, you know, however much the baby needs or demands your body will make, there are certain conditions that sometimes will make it a little bit harder for you to produce more milk. One of the ways that you can help increase supply is by pumping after you after right after you’re finished feeding or in between feedings. That will stimulate more milk production. If you’re exclusively pumping, which many women do, especially women who’ve returned to work sometimes. They just find it easier to exclusively pump, because a pump isn’t as efficient as extracting milk as baby is. Sometimes it can be a little challenging and it can cause your milk supply to decrease, but it’s still not a reason to get discouraged from doing it.

Certified Lactation Consultant 

So I always encourage people to talk to an international board certified lactation consultant if they are having issues with either under-supply or you know they’re exclusively pumping and may need a little extra help on and medications. Cause there are medications that can be prescribed to help moms who are exclusively pumping, produce more milk or women with. If you have, if you’re having a low supply and you need to increase your supply and extra pumping is not really working, there are medications that can be prescribed for you. So I always encourage before giving up talk to a lactation consultant because they can really help you.