If you’re experiencing soreness, when you’re a nursing or pumping your baby after seeing a lactation consultant to have the latch and position evaluated some tenderness is normal, but there are some natural remedies that you can use topically that are safe for nursing. So one of them would be coconut oil. It’s a simple thing that you can just apply topically after you’ve finished nursing or after you’re done pumping. If there’s any residual residue on there, you just might want to gently wipe it off before nursing or pumping again. Olive oil is another great option as well. If you get a comfrey Savage, this is where the comfrey leaf from the herb is fused in the oil and beeswax, and this can be applied topically and as safe for nursing to be applied to the breast after 19 or pumping and hopefully healing that soreness that you might be experiencing.

if you are using any herbal remedies and natural remedies for healing, your nipples for the soreness that you might be experiencing between the olive oil or the coconut oil, or maybe a topical comfrey staff. If you have been using this for several times a day, you want to apply it to between three to five times a day. You’re going to be applying it. If after five days you don’t see an improvement in the soreness you’re experiencing, and then you want to reach out to a lactation consultant again, to have additional an assessment done at that time to see if there’s any contributing factors that might be causing that.