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Amelia Avila, Doula

Amelia Avila, Doula
Amelia Avila is an experienced mother to eight beautiful breastfed people. Her husband is fond of saying, “We have eight children. They are all boys except for seven of them!” They also currently have seven grandchildren. Though she has worked hard maintaining her certifications, she draws upon her many years of experience as a mother more frequently than any book learning she has done. She and her husband have resided in the Hampton Roads area since 1998. After attending friends’ births as a young adult, Amelia was truly inspired and filled with wonder. It became her desire to study midwifery or be involved in the birth field in some capacity. It was at her first granddaughter’s birth in 2005 that she realized how much she enjoyed providing labor and birth support. Becoming a doula has been a realization of this dream and has brought her much satisfaction and joy. As the wife of a 30 year US Navy Submarine Veteran, Amelia has experienced first hand the many challenges that come with deployment or changing duty stations during pregnancy and birth. She understands and appreciates the many sacrifices that military families make, and it is her joy to give back to the military community she loves by offering a 10 percent discount on her doula services, as well as special discounted rates for women whose spouses/partners are deployed. Amelia has a special place in her heart for teen or single moms who find themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy, and provides free or discounted services for them (based upon financial need). A crisis pregnancy can be difficult, but she firmly believes that with adequate support, it can also become one of the most positive experiences in life. Amelia provides non-judgmental support before, during, and after birth, along with resources for moms who find themselves alone and expecting. Amelia is currently certified as a birth doula through Doulas of North America (DONA) and Mercy in Action, as a childbirth educator through CAPPA, and is Rebozo certified in the Gena Kirby Method. Amelia is passionate about helping women have a positive breastfeeding experience, and has taken over eighty hours of breastfeeding education courses, as well as many other continuing education courses to maintain her certifications in good standing. Amelia has served the Hampton Roads area since 2006.

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