How do I find local lactation consultants?

Ideally you’d find this out before you have your baby. You want to have all your local breastfeeding, your IBCLCs, your CLCs, which is what I am. You want to have names and phone numbers and maybe even have reached out to them before your baby comes. So you know who that supper support person is going to be. Once you run into issues, when you’re home, there’s a great website you can use that’s called pro hyphen LC, and that will bring up all the local IBCLCs in your area. That’s a good starting point. I also still recommend the LHA leak, which a lot of the new moms maybe don’t know as much about, but that is a volunteer led company. It’s all, it’s free. They have leaders in just about every city. All you have to do is look up, go on LHA website and find out who’s in your area. you go to meetings, they have meetings once a month at their homes on different topics and you can learn a lot and they are very good at supporting new moms.

Christine Golcher is a certified doula through DONA serving the Philadelphia area
Training & Certifications Certified Birth Doula, DONA International Certfied Postpartum Doula, DONA International Certified Lactation Counseling, Healthy Children Project Certified Childbirth Educator, Childbirth International Bereavement Support, Birth Arts international Certified Aromatherapy, Heart of Herbs Certified Herbalist, Heart of Herbs