Signs My Newborn Baby Is Getting Enough Milk (to eat)

ANSWER “So general rule of thumb to let you know your baby is getting enough to eat for the first five days of life, you can look for baby having the same number of pees and poos as the day of life that they’re on. So Day 1, you’re looking for one pee and one poo, Day 2 to pees and poos Day 3, three pees and three poos. And so on until day 5 on day five, you’re looking for five pees and five poos. And you want that to continue for about the first six weeks of life (5 pees and 5 poos). Another good markers. By Day seven, you’re hoping for your baby to have that yellow seedie stool as well. You want them, you can look for not having below 10 percent weight loss. And also, you were hoping for them to be back to their original birth weight by two weeks of life.”