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When you "DO" Birthpedia, you are empowering yourself to improve your body, mind and soul for birth and baby. Whether it is taking a prenatal yoga class on the beach or learning the latest trends in what to eat while pregnant, our contributors guide you towards a better you.


DO: Britt’s Babywearing Basics

Essential Info: Babywearing Basics ANSWER "Hey, this is Britt Beason with Britt's Babywearing Basics on Birthpedia. We want to give you, the new babywearer, the...
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ASK: What can I expect at the early stages of breastfeeding my baby?

Breastfeeding Essential Info ANSWER: "Around 16 weeks of gestation, your body actually starts to produce colostrum, which is the baby's first milk and it's rich...
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ASK: What is colostrum?

Body Functions Pregnancy: Colostrum ANSWER "So colostrum is a precursor to breast milk, it usually starts developing in your body, actually around 20 weeks of...

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