Postpartum Fitness: Introduction

“Hi, this is Sarah Palfrey with moms to be fit exclusively working with birthpedia today. We are about to do a postpartum workout session. We’re so glad you could join us. And I am here today with Tutu (Sarah): and who is this Tutu? (Tutu): This is Renna (Sarah): how old is Renna? (Tutu): A month and Two weeks. (Sarah): Okay, good And this is your first pregnancy. Did you have any surprises? Did everything kind of go as expected? Good. She’s been super good. Any challenges as a new mom already that you have faced? How has your energy levels sleep? (Tutu): Sleep is the main issue. Every other thing kind of kind of falls in place major is sleep. (Sarah): Yeah. And I’m sure some of you have experienced that same thing at home sleep is not in high supply at this point in your life. And of course we all have hours and hours to fit in workouts, right?

When we’re postpartum on our babies are six weeks old, right? Three hour workout. No problem. It’s probably not. So today we’re going to focus on postpartum workout, some core training. That’s really going to help reawaken some of those muscles that have been stretched out and sort of fallen asleep. We are also going to do a quick workout that you can actually fit in. The baby can hang out on the mat beside you. If necessary. If you have more time, you can run through the workout a few more times, but it’s going to hit upper and lower body strength training, plus some quick cardio all in a quick session that any new mom is going to be able to fit into their lifestyle. All right. Tutu Are you ready? Okay, ladies, if you’re ready, go ahead and grab your stuff. We’re going to start with some mat core exercises. So find a spot on your carpet or on your yoga mat and join us in just a minute.