We are just about ready to do our postpartum interval workout today. So we’re going to kind of go through these moves back to back quickly. We’ve got two strength training moves and the 32nd cardio burst. So you want to have all of your equipment and your space set out. So you can jump from one to the next. If you feel lightheaded or you need a break, you can always add that in, but we’re going to try to push ourselves today and get straight through the interval training workout. You’re going to want to have your set of weights. Two, two has her five. I’ve got some tens and then you’re going to need a box or a coffee table or a chair, and then a space on the floor and your yoga Mat.

Are you ready? All right, ladies at home, go ahead and grab your set of weights. I’m going to demonstrate the first move and then we’re going to do 10 of them together. So you’re just holding your weights. You’re going to squat down with your weight back and lifting with your elbows slightly bent. Good. Make sure you sit back cause you squat down and lift. Okay, here we go. Let’s do 10 all together at home. You can join us to One

And exhale. Excellent, good and lower down for two and lift. Great. And three. And if the weights you have are too heavy or too light for you, you can go ahead and switch, switch them out, hit pause button, get the weights that you need. They’re going to work for you and five.

Keep going back just for more good and lift and lower and just arms to shoulder height. Good and reaching down, sitting back and lifting straight out. Good. And last one at home, lowering down and lift. Great. Okay. You can go ahead and set your weights down and we going to move to some dips. You don’t need your chair or your box or your coffee table.

If you’re perched on the edge of your box, you’re just going to shift your weight forward. You’re going to lower down and press up. You want to make sure that your shoulders stayed down and away from your ears and elbows are back and together. We’re going to go ahead and do eight of these. You ready? Ms. Tutu. All right, ladies, if you’re ready, here we go. And one exhale. Good to exhale. If this is easy for you, you can go ahead and straighten your legs out. Good. And if you want more of a challenge, you can actually add a knee lift in between or you can stay where miss Tutu is.

Last one. Perfect. Okay, now we have our 32nd cardio burst. You don’t need any equipment. Just leave enough space. Okay, here we go. We’re going to do a side shuffle squat option. One is to step out into the squat. Ms. Tutu is going to do that. If you’re trying to protect your pelvic floor, if you’re brand new to starting to work out, this is a great place for you to start. If you wanted to add a little bit more, you can add the shuffle in between the higher you jump, the more challenging it’s going to be. Okay. We’re going to go for 30 seconds. We’ve got our timer here. So at home you can just follow along. Okay. You ready? And go starting with the step out. Perfect. Good. Okay. I’m just going to go ahead and add a little shuffle. Try not to run into your couch or your workout partner. Fantastic. Keep going at whatever pace is comfortable for you at home. We’re over halfway ladies, five seconds left and two and done. Perfect. All right. So if you’re feeling strong and tough, we can go ahead and bust into the next exercise. If you need to take a minute, go ahead and grab your water. Take a breath, lower your heart rate. And then we’ll start with our second set of interval workout.