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Sara Pelfrey, Certified Fitness Instructor

SARA PELFREY is an AFPA certified Pre/Postnatal Fitness specialist with a BA degree in Dance from Coker College and a passion for helping moms “put themselves back together”. She is also a proud wife, and the mother of three lovely children.  “I exercised throughout each of my pregnancies, and I found the lack of information on pre/postnatal exercise frustrating. I didn’t know what I should or shouldn’t do, what was safe, what might cause issues. The only advice I got from the doctor who performed my second C-section was to wait 12 WEEKS before exercising, and I had a dance concert in 12 weeks! I’d spent my life learning about body mechanics, anatomy, fitness, dance, etc. and I knew exercise would be paramount to helping me keep my sanity and function as a new mom. I starting researching and learning, and what began as a passion of mine turned into a career choice. I wanted to offer other women access to the information that had been lacking for me.” Moms2bfit works with women to develop individualized fitness plans to address their specific needs and to overcome the many obstacles they face during and after pregnancy. Sara’s fitness plans are focused on helping women safely re-train their core and pelvic floor, correct postural issues and lose weight after pregnancy. She also works with women that may have had children years ago but need to address a Diastasis Recti. “So many women are actually doing exercises that make their abdominal separation worse!” Moms2bfit gives moms the resources they need to take charge of their health throughout the amazing journey of motherhood.

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