Historically, women believe there are two types of pain management in birthing scenarios. One is an epidural and the other is nothing, and they don’t believe that there’s anything in between. You need to understand that you have many, many options of pain management. Those options go along with not only how to manage your pain, but where you choose to deliver because that may also predict what sort of pain management you are offered. There are many types of pain management and things that we don’t even think of as pain management: ambulation, hydration, eating, sitting in a bathtub, taking a shower, heat packs, ice packs, aromatherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, acupressure etc. Anything that you can do simply somebody’s voice can be a method of pain management and you need to identify what may help you the most. Sometimes that’s only by experience and learning about them.

We have different types of childbirth classes that focus in on different types. When I educate my patients on what type of childbirth classes they want to go to, I always look at them and ask them what their ultimate goal is. Those who want to move forward with an unmedicated delivery, not having an epidural, or not getting an IV sedation, I usually utilize something a little bit more structured, a little bit more intense, a little bit more self-hypnosis. There are different types: you have hypnobirthing now, and also bliss born. The different types of self-hypnosis pain management will work a little bit more on your mind over matter to get you through it. So your pain management options are endless. You just need to be with a provider that is willing to explore all of those pain management and make them unique to your needs and your history.