Pain Management Options

ANSWER: “[labor] Pain management is there, so many things that you can do. Obviously we know that there is a place for the regular standard pain management that they offer inside of the hospital, but a lot of times you don’t need that much pain management and something smaller might work really well if you use essential oils, bringing your diffuser into the hospital or into your home or your birth center and diffusing an oil that brings you calm and helps you, something that you might use when you have a migraine or headache at home or you’re not feeling well. Having something like that during birth could be all the pain management that you need.

Taking a hot shower or being able to get in a warm tub, may be all the pain management that you need. So there’s a lot of different methods to make pain management that don’t include an IV medication or an injection and those comfort measures, like a warm pack to your lower back or underneath your belly or those hip squeezes or lower back counter pressure. All of those things are pain management and work very, very well.”