Well, I get the question about high-risk pregnancy often and my answer is that if you are high risk, but because there’s something going on with your baby that doesn’t mean that there’s something that’s going to change in your birthing process. You are supporting your baby fire, the placenta, and the cord during your labor, so the course of your labor is not necessarily altered if there’s a concern about your baby, for example, a cleft lip or anomalies with defeat or perhaps even a mild cardiac issue with your baby. Do not change the way that you can give birth. High-risk conditions such as severe high blood pressure or clotting disorders, can somewhat altered the way that we manage your labor and birth. But it doesn’t mean that you automatically have a different philosophy in your birth care. There are many situations where women who are looking specifically, for example, for a low intervention birth or a midwife attended birth, who can still have that experience when midwives were collaboratively with physicians. The physician can manage your specific medical condition, but the midwife is still managing your labor and your birth. It does not need to alter if you have a high-risk condition.