How Does Chiropractic Work?

“Sure. So when it comes to preconception, the whole idea behind all of this is how the brain is connected and communicating with the rest of the body. So what talk comes up a lot for us in the office is people who are experiencing fertility issues. And part of why this helps people have easier times with conception and dealing with fertility issues is because if the signal from the brain to the body’s clear, then the end result is that those end organs are then doing the job to the best of their abilities. So for example, the brain signaling a message down the spinal cord and out the nerves to let’s say the uterus or the testes, for the organs responsible for sexual reproduction. If the signal’s not clear due to misaligned, that’s what it’s called, the subluxation, then the message will come through. And so it’s harder for the body to do its job even though the body’s alive and might feel okay.So when someone comes in for chiropractic care, we assessed to see if there is any neurological interference, what we call a subluxation. 

Chiropractic Results

And if we do find that, then through gentle adjustments, we reduce that interference so that now that signal from the brain out to those parts of the body are clear and the body can best do its job. So over time we see the body better adapting, which means it can perform in the way that we want it to. So that’s kind of where this comes in as far as preconception and preparing the body to conceive a child.”