How to create space in the body?

“So another question that I get asked about is how important is it for you to create a safe space? Right? And we can look a little bit more into that. So if you’re having a high stress life, which our society is kind of built around that you have anxiety, maybe this is your first baby where you’ve had um, some challenges trying to conceive whatever it may be. You want to make sure that you’re creating some safe spaces. 

What are the Do’s and Don’ts

So what does that look like? Engaging in yoga, you can do some breathing techniques and mindful techniques. And really the integrity of your mind allows your body to function more efficiently because there’s neurological processes that go on. It’s kind of like your hub or the CEO of your body. And if that is not firing properly, if your neurological pathways are not firing properly and are super stressed out, so you’re in flight or fight mode and you’re not really engaging in your parasympathetics or your arrested digest, imagine your body thinks that you’re running from a bear all the time. 

So if you’re running from a bear all the time, all of the energy is going to your muscles to get away from that there. And it’s not really looking at your internal organs and also your pelvic girdle, right?

Creating Good Habits

So the center of your body, which that’s where baby will be growing. And so it’s very important to be able to understand the connectivity and how important that is to make sure that you’re creating a safe space and you’re taking time and investing in yourself so that way you’re in that rest and digest mode. So that way you can be investing in healthy pregnancy and then also a healthy, long life after baby comes out. It’s creating those habits before, during a pregnancy will allow more consistency and more life balance for you to be able to have as you continue through mommy hood.”