Okay, so you, if you are hydrated, then you will continue to make amniotic fluid and this is something that we really like to educate moms on. They need to be prepared for Labor Day, starting at 36 weeks and beyond, or even before that, So every day you should be drinking enough water so that your baby has enough fluid. So there’s roughly about one to two pounds of amniotic fluid and a well-hydrated mom. Do you think one to two pounds of fluid is coming out of your body and you will know because there will be a constant trickle in most cases. The best way to tell if your water broke, is and this works. If you’re hydrated, then you lay down after you clean yourself up, you lay down and then stand back up and walk around a little bit. If more leaks down your leg, then most likely your water is broken. But it’s best to just check with your provider even if you are uncertain. If your water broke, it’s very simple for them to just test it and they can give you a firm, yes or no.

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