Changes in Your Vagina in Pregnancy

“So during your pregnancy, it may be the case that you noticed some changes in your vagina. You may notice some swelling. You may notice different sensations. There’s increased blood flow (and) increased sensations in that area, which can be a beneficial thing for you during intercourse. And it’s a beneficial thing for you as you give birth because your body is communicating with you, and telling you how to help your baby come out. Particularly when it comes time to push a baby out, it is normal for those changes to occur. It is normal to perceive some swelling.”

“They may just look different if you even look down there. Some women don’t even look down there. And then after the birth, certainly it will look a little different, but that’s normal. It worked really hard for you, and it will return pretty much to the way it was before and maybe even better.”

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ASK: I am seeing changes in my vagina while pregnant, is that normal? What are some ways to take care of it while pregnant?