Babywearing Newborn Essential Info

ANSWER “The differences in carriers are better determined by stage in development for babies. When babies are born, they have zero control, they cannot pick their head up for more than a couple of seconds, they can’t sit up on assisted and they depend on us for literally everything. So we need a carrier that they can depend on for literally 100 percent support. Ergos and Tulas are called soft structured carriers. They fall under that category and they are more designed for babies that are sitting unassisted so they have the ability to support their upper spine on their own and these carriers offer them the support that they still need in the hip area. When babies are younger, we recommend wraps or ring slings that offer them support that goes all the way around the back and all the way from the base of the spine down to their hips. It provides optimum support for optimum development. The way the human body naturally develops.”