One thing that we often here is a question from women about what are the things I need to take or what all the things I need to do to ensure that I have a great birth and the truth is that birth has been perfected for Millennia. This is not a new process. This is a process that works completely on its own and there’s nothing you inherently need to do to ensure that your birth goes well. You need to, you need to believe that birth is something you can do. You need to visualize giving birth to a baby vaginally, and you need to focus on the fact that this is something that you don’t have to specifically do something for it to be successful. One thing I often hear it, should I take specific supplements? Should I take a specific tea? Do I need to do something to spin my baby around? What are all the things that I have to do to ensure that this is working and my answer to women is that there’s nothing that you need to do. If there’s nothing wrong with you and things are going really well and you’re low risk in the sense that there’s nothing we’re concerned about what’s going to alter the course of your labor. Your body knows exactly what to do. Your body knows how to position your baby. Your body knows how to soften your cervix. Your body knows how to start contracting, and your body knows what signals to give you so that you know how to move to birth your baby. So the most fundamental component of preparing for your birth is focusing on the fact that you already know how to do this and surrounding yourself with their support system that believes the same.