Disorder Diagnosis

“So what is an expected course of treatment for acupuncture for fertility? This is basically determinative upon the diagnosis. If you have an endocrine disorder, we need to change the endogenous hormone system. It takes about three months of treatment. All women are on a three month hormonal cycle. 

Duration Of The Treatment With Acupuncture

So when we start treatment, be it acupuncture, herbs, dietary changes, relaxation, you’ll see a change in the endocrine system in about three months. We see a change in the immune system immediately. So if there’s an autoimmune issue within three treatments, you’re going to see a change in the immune system. For relaxation that’s pretty immediate. One treatment, you start seeing the results of relaxation. 

Treatment Duration May Vary 

So basically the course of treatment is determined on the diagnosis, or if there is a diagnosis or an imbalance, or if basically you’re just going for a healthy lifestyle treatment. So we’re looking at anywhere from one week to three months for treatment for infertility or fertility enhancement.”