What is Pitocin?


“It is a synthetic version of the naturally occurring hormone called oxytocin that the mom’s body makes to start labor and stimulate contractions. It also helps the uterus contract after birth when the placenta is born

The role of synthetic Pitocin 

Synthetic Pitocin can be given to control postpartum hemorrhage or to augment or induce labor in a hospital setting. Well, Pitocin is different from oxytocin because it’s synthetic, it’s not naturally occurring in the body and also it is experienced differently by the mom. 

Oxytocin vs. Pitocin

Oxytocin, which is the natural hormone, can cross the blood-brain barrier and have positive effects on the mom’s brain, so they often call it the love hormone because it stimulates maternal behaviors as well. 

Pitocin, the synthetic hormone does not cross the blood-brain barrier and so the mom doesn’t get those benefits of the mothering hormone effects and also it doesn’t stimulate the release of prostaglandins which can help mom deal with pain during labor. 

Is Pitocin necessary?

The reason that some moms receive Pitocin in the hospital could be for induction of labor or also augmentation, which is making the contractions longer, stronger, closer together, and speed up the delivery process. Pitocin can also be given Ivy to the mom after birth to control hemorrhage.”